Aram Sarkisian

Aram G. Sarkisian studies late nineteenth and early twentieth century America, with an emphasis on American religious history. His dissertation, entitled "The Cross Between Hammer and Sickle: Russian Orthodox Christians in Red Scare America, 1917-1924," draws on a wide variety of English- and Russian-language sources to probe the relationship between an immigrant religious community and the expanding Wilsonian state.

A native of the Detroit area, Aram holds a BA from the University of Michigan (2008) and an AM from the University of Chicago (2011). His master’s thesis, “‘Not Just Strangers, but Also Our Own People:’ Federal Anti-Radical Investigations and the Archdiocese of North America and the Aleutian Islands of the Russian Orthodox Church, 1917-1924,” was awarded the inaugural Raymond D. Fogelson Prize in 2012.