Youjia Li

Youjia Li is a doctoral student interested in social, gender, and immigration history in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century Asia, specifically in Japan and China. With a special interest in global history, she is curious about how common people contributed to the modern transformation in Asia through cultural and material exchanges and movements. She is also a participant in the interdisciplinary cluster for Asian Studies.

Youjia grows up in Beijing, where she got a B.A. in International Politics from Peking University with a double degree from Waseda University in International Liberal Arts. She holds two M.A.s in East Asian Studies from Yale University and Stanford University, where her thesis was titled: "A Tale of Two Cities: Japanese Prostitution, Newspapers and the Making of Modern Treaty Ports of Nagasaki and Shanghai, 1870s-1894." She was working in an education NGO before coming to Northwestern.