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Frank Safford

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Columbia, 1965
Curriculum Vitae


Principal Research Interest(s):  19th Century Latin America


Frank R. Safford (Ph.D., Columbia, 1965), is an historian of Latin America, whose research in economic and political history deals with Colombia throughout its history but also spans Spanish America as a whole in the nineteenth century. Among the topics he has treated are patterns in politics, entrepreneurship and commerce, and constraints to economic development. He currently serves as Director of Northwestern's undergraduate major in International Studies.


  • The Ideal of the Practical: Colombia's Struggle to Form a Technical Elite (Austin, 1976). 
  • Aspectos del siglo xix en Colombia (Medellín, 1977).
  • "Politics, Ideology and Society in Post-Independence Spanish America," Cambridge History of Latin America, vol. III (1985). 
  • Agrarian Structure and Political Power: Landlord & Peasant in the Making of Latin America, with Evelyne Huber (Pittsburgh, 1995).
  • Colombia: Fragmented Land, Divided Society, with Marco Palacios (New York, Oxford, 2002).
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