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Melody Shum


Melody Shum works on the history of Southeast Asia, with a focus on French Indochina and the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands. She is also interested in the history of law and outlaws, the circulation of people, ideas, and material, childhood and youth, and emotions.

She received her M.Phil. in History at the University of Hong Kong. Her thesis titled “Youth in the Forgotten Colony: Orphans, Elites and Arrivistes in French Kwang Chow Wan (1919-1940s),” explores the often forgotten French leased-territory of Kwang Chow Wan (Guangzhouwan or Kouang-Tchéou-Wan) through the use of oral history. She won the William Shorrock Travel Award to present her paper, “Colonial Childhood in French Kwang Chow Wan (1930s-1940s)” at the French Colonial Historical Society Annual Meeting in Ottawa in 2016.

She was awarded the Chong Chi Kong Prize in History during her undergraduate studies and graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a B.A. (Hons.) in History and French. She worked as a Teaching Assistant in the European Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong prior to commencing her studies at Northwestern.

Melody is a Mellon Cluster Fellow in Asian Studies and a Graduate Fellow in Legal Studies.

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