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Rachel Taylor


Rachel Taylor studies pre-colonial and colonial East Africa. Her current research explores how men from Unyamwezi (in present-day Tanzania) sought to develop and attain new forms of honourable male adulthood in the context of the dramatic economic and political changes of nineteenth and early-twentieth century East Africa. In particular, she traces the emergence of a new route to male adulthood predicated on participation in emergent regional networks – what she names a cosmopolitan masculinity – and the transformations of these networks and dominant masculinities in the early colonial period. Her research for this project in Tanzania, Berlin and London was funded by a 2011-2012 International Dissertation Research Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council.

Rachel holds a BA in History from the University of Durham, England and an MA in Historical Research Methods from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London.

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