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Sarah-Louise Dawtry


Sarah-Louise Dawtry is a first-year PhD student, having previously acquired a BA in History and an MA in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. Her work engages with issues related to land use and social exploitation in the US-Mexico borderlands. Her MA thesis raised these issues in relation to the work of conceptual artist Ken Gonzales-Day and nature photographer Krista Schlyer, showing how both emphasized the relationship between control of land and social injustice whilst resituating human life and actions within an environmental, even posthumanist, context.

In her research and writing she aims to question dichotomies and teleologies, instead preferring to analyze interconnections and, in the language of Deluze and Guattari, "assemblages" of events and ideas, which includes the ideas and actions of ordinary people as well as those of individuals with political or social power. She believes that it is in the grey areas created by such modes of analysis that one can begin to not only access the experiences of ordinary people, but also to challenge assumptions still current in contemporary society.

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