Cindy B. Lima

Cindy B. Lima is a first-year doctoral student in History. Prior to attending Northwestern University, she completed her undergraduate studies at DePaul University, where she pursued an education in Latin American & Latinos Studies and Geography. As an undergraduate student, Cindy began to research with the support of the Arnold Mitchem Fellowship and the McNair Scholars Program. Among her extracurricular activities at DePaul University, Cindy served as Teaching Assistant to the Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Chair, Maria Hinojosa, award-winning journalist from NPR’s Latino USA.

Given her passion for travel, Cindy’s research interests are largely influenced by exploring the world firsthand. Her current research interests include, identity (with race as a focus) in the United States and Latin America; colonial Central America, Guatemala in particular; intersection of U.S. and Latin American history in the 20th century; revolutionary Latin America, the Cuban Revolution in particular; Latinx and ethnic studies at large; history of capitalism; oral history; and geography.