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Elizabeth Barahona


Elizabeth is a first-year doctoral student in history. A native of Orlando, Florida, she attended Duke University in North Carolina and studied the borderlands, Latinx history, and human rights. At Duke, Elizabeth spent time aiding immigrant human rights organizations in Tucson, Arizona and she was instrumental in changing the university policy to accept undocumented students and create a Latinx center at Duke. Elizabeth’s senior thesis, “The History of Latinx Students at Duke University,” investigates how Latinx students racially identified themselves since their arrival at Duke in 1926 and how the Duke University administration identified them, at a time when Duke felt encapsulated in a Black/White racial paradigm.

Elizabeth’s research interests are in Latinx communities in the U.S. South; the borderlands; students of color in higher education; and Latinx immigration. Outside of these interests, Elizabeth is a running and hip-hop enthusiast.

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