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Recent Award Winners

Hearst Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship in History

David Morales

Grace Douglas Johnston Award

Fiona Maxwell, “‘House of Dreams’: Process, Reciprocity, and the Community Reception of Children’s Dramatics at Hull House”

Wilks Prize in African History

Maria Clark, “Liminality in a Crownless Kingdom: Self-identify, Gender, and Race Relations in Dugmore Boetie’s Familiarity is the Kingdom of the Lost

Jacob Lassner Prize

Alex Lederman, “How the USSR Turned Zionism into a ‘Form of Racism’”

First-Year Seminar Essay Award

Natalie Smith, “Morality Under Occupation”

Josef Barton Research Seminar Essay Award

Daniel Fernandez, “‘A World in Itself’: Spectacle and Civic Engagement at the Marshall Field’s Retail Store”

Phi Beta Kappa

The following History majors have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa for 2018.



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