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winter and Spring 2020 Afternoon Advisors  

All advising office hours will be suspended starting today. Each advisor will do their best to be fully available via email to answer your usual questions regarding classes, degree progress, substitutions, etc. And as DUS, I will also make myself available via email to answer your pressing questions as well. I also lend the help of our Undergraduate Program Assistant, Jasmine Bomer, who is available by email and phone to answer your questions and concerns. This will be the protocol for the rest of Winter and the beginning of Spring quarters.

Winter 2020 Advising

David Schoenbrun

Ipek Yosmaoglu

Haydon Cherry

Carl Petry

Brett Gadsden (DUS)

Jasmine Bomer (UPA) (847) 491-3407


Spring 2020 Advising

John Bushnell

Tessie Liu

Edward Muir

Ashish Koul

Keith Woodhouse

Brett Gadsden (DUS)

Jasmine Bomer (UPA) (847) 491-3407

Students who have already declared their Major or Minor must obtain their file from Jasmine Bomer in Harris #104 prior to meeting with an advisor.

If you are not a History Major, why not?

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